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Tree Care Products


ACECAP and MEDICAP Systemic Tree Implants were developed in 1971. For 40 years, these tree care products have proven to be safe, effective, and the easiest-to-use systemic treatment available for the professional and home gardener. In addition, they offer the lowest cost systemic treatment available to the industry.

Our newest product, PHOSCAP, contains a special formulation of highly water soluble phosphate and potassium designed to stimulate tree foliage. It provides phosphate for plant vigor and root enhancement and potassium for cell strength and rigidity. It also aids in plant health tolerance to heat, cold and drought, while reducing plant stress, enhancing overall health and increasing resistance to disease.

Unlike other systemic treatments, ACECAP, MEDICAP and PHOSCAP utilize  non-pressurized powder chemicals that are placed into the tree trunk, requiring no specialized tools just a drill, a hammer and a flat-end punch. The implants are designed to remain safely inside the tree. The contents are delivered systemically throughout the tree with the sap flow. Within a few weeks, the outer bark will callous over the implant site, leaving no empty containers to dispose of. This is a win-win for both the applicator and the environment. Placed at about 4 inch spacing around the lower trunk, 10 implants will effectively treat up to a 14 trunk diameter.